Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daisy's New Year

As Daisy and I begin this new year, we thought it might be a good idea to look back and recognize her accomplishments as well as lay out her goals for the next year. 

Maybe you will find inspiration for your own life in 2009! 

Daisy's Accomplishments
  1. Making eye contact with my mom (Mel) and other human beings.
  2. Being able to walk around people without cowering in fear or shutting down.
  3. Learning how to go outside to go potty and come back in without running away in fear or running in circles around Mom's car over and over again or not coming in at all.
  4. Approaching strangers and letting them pet me (especially women since they are more scary to me).
  5. Riding in the car without shutting down and even feeling comfortable enough to look outside and stick the very tip of my nose out the window for a sniff.
  6. Feeling comfortable enough to go in my kennel on my own.
  7. Learning my basic commands: "sit", "stay", "down", "come" and "watch me".
  8. Learning how to play with other dogs (something I didn't know how to do before I met my friends at the dog park).
  9. Bonding with my Mom and with Aspen (Aspen was my best friend and taught me how to be a dog at the beginning).
  10. Being okay with loud noises (at least more than I used to be). Perhaps having my mom sing and dance around the living room to Garth Brooks had something to do with that - it was definitely an odd experience! 
  11. Swimming (now THAT was a scary one - the first time I was in water deep enough to swim in Mom had to hold me up because I just let my legs hang there. I didn't know what to do.)
  12. Learning to go downstairs on the "wood" stairs 
  13. Dealing with Nick the cat.
  14. Being comfortable enough to ask for a belly rub.
  15. Trusting Mom enough to follow her lead.

Daisy's Goals for 2009
  1. Be able to eat my food and drink my water with mom in the same room.
  2. Continue to build up my confidence (my posture still indicates that I am not a fully confident dog yet).
  3. To sit confidently and not run away in fear when Mom touches my collar.
  4. Continue to be exposed to new situations so I can build my confidence.
  5. Learn how to play like other dogs (with a ball or frisbee).  Anything that has to be thrown scares me right now.
  6. Learning the command "heel".
  7. Getting better at following the command "come".
  8. Become more comfortable being left at home on my own for a few hours (I am much better than I used to be).
  9. Be okay with having my picture taken (this one may take awhile).
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Daisy sounds great!! I read her story on Angel Animals. I read other stories too but your stuck out to more. Not sure why. Could be because Daisy has gone threw some of the same things my dog Schnitzel went threw after I found him. I'm glad to know she and you are doing so well. Just wanted to let you know your story touched me.

  2. Thanks for your comment Pookie!

    Daisy is a wonderful dog! If your dog, Schnitzel has gone through some of the same things that she has then you really do know what it is like to work with a pet that needs a little extra love and care. I hope you and he continue to do well!