Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daisy wants you to fight for dogs like her

Today, I wanted to share with you a link to my other blog No Dog About It. Why?
Because I want you to take action to help other dogs like Daisy. 

You see, Minnesota happens to be one of the worst states for puppy mills and puppy mill breeders. To be honest, I think it almost takes an act of God to get anyone to be prosecuted with a serious crime. Although, I sure do hope that one woman will be prosecuted for felony charges soon!

There is a State Senator (Senator Betzold) who is trying to change the laws for breeders, but the breeders in this state (both the good and the bad) have decided they would rather live with the few that give them all a bad name rather than demonstrate they are a good breeder by allowing annual inspections. 

Won't you help Daisy to ensure that more dogs like her don't live an awful existence like she did the first few years of her life? Please check it out and, if your heart compels you, write a quick note to your senator to let them know you want annual inspections of breeding facilities.

Daisy and I thank you.

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