Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daisy's Tail

It suddenly occurred to me today how far my little Daisy has come over the past 14 months. 

As I was letting her inside this afternoon, and heading back into the house, I looked at her and patted her on the head. And, there she stood - wagging her tail at me. 

How did I ever miss that monumental moment when she first wagged her tail at me? When did it happen? How did I miss it? And, come to think of it...When did Daisy stop circling the car every time she came inside? When did I stop circling the car with her so I could hook a leash to her collar and lead her inside? So much progress and yet it passed by in the blink of an eye.

It's amazing what a little tail wag can do to brighten your mood! 

When I first got Daisy her tail was always tucked under her butt to signal her fear and uncertainty. This remained the case for many months afterwards. Everything was so new to her and people were not something she had a lot of confidence in, especially women. So, a tucked tail was completely understandable.

But eventually, over time her tail did come out and it would rest along the back of her legs, not tucked under like before. The tail wagging came much, much later. It may have been when she began to understand that when I asked her "Are you hungry?" food was soon to follow. Or, it may have been she realized that riding in the car usually meant she was going to the dog park to see her friends or hang out with family. Or, maybe, just maybe, it was when she realized that she was safe and that her new mom loved her a great deal. 

It makes me realize how much I have waited for this moment; when Daisy would wag her tail just because she was happy. Forget rainbows, just give me another Daisy day like today!


  1. I love picturing Daisy wagging her tail! I'm so happy for her! You're an amazing mom.

  2. Thanks Kristin! She is such a wonder dog. I am always amazed by her progress. Many people are surprised by her story because she has come so far.

  3. Thanks for writing about Daisy. I too care about these guys...we didn't always know where they came from or how they were treated. I now foster for a private rescue and I am delighted when I meet someone who has rescued a dog. We must keep on keeping on...soon there will be a last one...we can only hope!