Saturday, February 20, 2010

Drop It Daisy! A funny story

As I mentioned in my last post, teaching Daisy to "drop it" has been a huge plus for me because it means less toys being left outside. What I failed to mention is the one time where it REALLY came in handy... and it just happened a couple of months ago.

On that day, I had been on the phone with a client using my Bluetooth earpiece. When I finished the call, I set my Blackberry and earpiece on the coffee table with the intention of putting it away once I got ready to go to the dog park - Daisy's favorite place.

However, when I came back to get them later I noticed that only my cell phone was on the coffee table. Being somewhat absent-minded, I just assumed I had put the earpiece back in my purse (as I usually do), but when I checked, it was not there. I looked everywhere for that darn little earpiece. Bedroom? Nope. Kithen? Nope. Floor? Nope. Where could it be I wondered? I was actually getting angry at myself for forgetting where I put it.

It was at that moment that I noticed Daisy. My dear, sweet Daisy. As is often the case when she is excited, she was pacing around the living room, tail wagging, but mouth closed. That was strange. Usually when Daisy is excited and starts pacing she has a toy in her mouth, but not today. Hmmmmmm..... Could she have picked up my earpiece? Nah! She usually doesn't touch anything on the coffee table. And yet...

"Drop it Daisy", I said. And then, like a gift, Daisy dropped my Bluetooth on the floor. God bless her! I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Silly Daisy. She had me giggling all day about that one.  Thank God I taught her "drop it" or I might never have seen my Bluetooth again!


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  2. As an owner of a rescued Lab from a puppy mill I have to say your blog has really given me hope. My black lab, Lula Mae, spent her first 2 years in a puppy mill as a breeder. She shows a lot of the same behaviors as Daisy and it's encouraging to read that Daisy has been able to overcome some of her issues. I've only had Lu for a year now and the progress she's made is remarkable, it's even more impressive to read about the progress Daisy has accomplished in 3 years; keep up the good work, to both of you!

  3. Thanks Sara! It really makes me feel good to know that my experience with Daisy is helping others. There's so much I didn't know when I adopted Daisy, but I've learned a lot and am grateful for the experience. She's my baby!