Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daisy's Special Visit

Over the past 2 1/2 years, Daisy and I (and now Jasper too) have made it almost a daily ritual to go to our favorite dog park. We used to have a nice little pack, humans and dogs alike, that hung out together, laughed together, walked together, and on occasion, ate brunch together. It was a wonderful group, and Daisy and I looked forward to getting up and meeting up with our friends.

But last summer, our group was broken up when Sasha (Daisy's friend) and Lynn and Sharon (her mom and dad) moved to Arizona to retire. Sasha's parents were the glue that held our group together. Everyone knew that no matter who couldn't make it out to the park that day, Lynn and Sharon would be there. They made everyone WANT to come to the park.

Daisy adored Lynn and Sharon (especially Lynn!) and loved Sasha, Brutus, Henry Carl, Turbo, Prince and Princess, and Splash. They were her friends, her pack. It really has not been the same since Lynn and Sharon left.

But, this week our old friends came back home to Minnesota for a visit. There was Lynn and Sharon and Sasha along with all our other old dog park friends! Everyone had made a special effort to come out to see them.

Daisy and Jasper seemed to recognize Sasha right away, but it was when Daisy went up to Lynn and Sharon that my heart swelled. She recognized them!

Right away they commented on how Daisy seemed more confident and happy (Daisy really has blossomed this year). She happily went to all her friends (dogs and humans alike) to say "Hi".  All of them had been there at the beginning, when I first started bringing Aspen and Daisy to the dog park. They knew Daisy when she was a less confident little girl. Oh how she has changed!

It has been great to reunite with everyone. Lynn, Sharon and Sasha have been here for a week (they leave on Thursday) and Daisy has been so happy. All her peeps are back together again!

But, what really has been fun to watch is Daisy's attachment to Lynn - even after all this time. She sidles up to him every day, just like she used to, as soon as he sits down at the picnic table. She will sit down next to him, look up at him adoringly, and smile. No kidding. One of our newer dog park friends was there to witness it and she commented on how different Daisy was with him. She said you could just tell she really liked him. Oh yes, she does.

But, then again, Daisy has always adored him. He was always very gentle with her from the very beginning and I think she remembers that. How nice that she can experience his loving touch and gentle words once again. Soon, Lynn, Sharon and Sasha will be gone again - off to Arizona, but for now this week has been a special one for both Daisy and I. Our friends are home.


  1. Hi, Mel!

    What a sweet story - brought a tear to my eye!


  2. Thanks Patricia! It brought one to mine as well. It has been great to see Daisy hanging out with her friends (including Lynn!).