Monday, November 16, 2009

Daisy Does It Again!

For those who don't have a Daisy Dog like mine the simple things your dogs does may seem more like a ritual. So commonplace that you fail to even notice it anymore.

Daisy has done a lot of amazing things this year, and soon I will write about her accomplishments. But, for today I just want to celebrate something she has never done before. It is such a sign of trust that I cannot even begin how profound it was for me (and I hope for her as well). What makes it all the more special is that it happened on the cusp of her two year anniversary - when she first came to live with me.

Most times Daisy prefers her kennel to hanging out in the living room; where Jasper and I hang out. She feels safe in her kennel. It's where she eats. It's where she can go to get away from strange noises, her pesky brother Jasper, or to just to hang out. But, on occasion she will come out and sit on the couch next to me so she can get a pet or a doggie massage. She loves nothing better than to get a belly rub from her mom!

When she sits on the couch, she always sits with her back turned towards me. That way she can feel safe. It requires a lot of trust to face someone, even her own Mom. So, I always pet her with her head tucked in against the other arm the couch. Then I can scratch her back and her belly. This is how it has always been. Daisy facing away from me and me rubbing her belly.

Tonight, I was typing away on my computer so when Daisy came out for her belly rub, she found herself at the other end of the couch just waiting for a belly rub. When I didn't move right away to accommodate her, she sat up and turned her whole body to face me. Then, she looked me in the eye and placed one of her front paws on my leg as if to say, "Will you pet me please?" It was the most amazing moment. It was such an offer of trust. She asked me to give her what she wanted (what she needed) and she did it with a paw and a look. Wow.

Tonight my Daisy did something that any ordinary dog does on a daily basis. She gave me her trust and asked for something she wanted.

Daisy does it again. She surprised me.
And, she made me one very happy and proud mom. :)
Go Daisy Go!

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